Schiller: 7 reasons for optimism about journalism

I’m in Austin, TX for the 2011 International Symposium on Online Journalism. Former NPR exec Vivian Schiller gave the keynote address this morning,

She cited seven reasons for optimism in journalism today:

1) “Conditions are favorable for online paywalls.” The New York Times launched its metered access strategy this week, betting that loyal readers will pay. “Scale is still important but brand is back.”

2) “Local is still up for grabs.” Hyper-local experiments such as the Texas Tribune and EveryBlock are showing that people are interested in local.

3) Twitter’s growing power as a newsgathering tool”. This is evident even more so in the last few weeks with political change in North Africa.

4) “Apps are the holy grail of engagement.” NPR app users are NPR loyalists. Let’s look more closely at the behavior of these app users

5) “The web is not dead.” New NPR users come from the web via

6) “Legacy news organizations are finally ready to be disruptors.” Platform agnosticism is “nonsense.” Yes, news organization have to everywhere. But the idea they should put the same content everywhere doesn’t work.

7) “Digital natives have come of age & they care about journalism.” Media literacy is so important for these young people.


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