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Twitter referrals difficult to count

I’ve started playing with Storify recently. It’s a nicely constructed tool for building a narrative out of social media conversations. This Storify combines conversations among three journos as they dissect a conclusion on Twitter’s influence contained in the May 9, 2011 Pew Center report on online news use: [View the story “Twitter users dissect Pew […]

Schiller: 7 reasons for optimism about journalism

I’m in Austin, TX for the 2011 International Symposium on Online Journalism. Former NPR exec Vivian Schiller gave the keynote address this morning, She cited seven reasons for optimism in journalism today: 1) “Conditions are favorable for online paywalls.” The New York Times launched its metered access strategy this week, betting that loyal readers will […]

News organizations should be thinking about Twitter popularity

An interesting study on Twitter use by four researchers at Yahoo Inc. and Cornell University offers some useful insights for news organizations. The researchers made four important findings: roughly 0.05% of the population accounts for almost half of all attention almost half the information that originates from the news media is spread by opinion leaders, […]

Anatomy of a bad tweet

I’ve been conflicted all day about a news story I tweeted yesterday. It concerns the strange condition that afflicted Los Angeles CBS reporter Serene Branson. Here it is: The problem is, Branson may not have had a stroke at all. A Globe and Mail story later Monday suggested that Branson had not been hospitalized — […] targets policy wonks — and their wallets

Amid the ongoing debate over paywalls and the prospects for iPad magazines, there was the intriguing launch this week  of — a political news site that demands people pay a subscription to access most of the content. (Note: you can currently get a free trial until February, 2011.) David Silverberg and Mark Blevis have likened […]