Starting using data better: Kundra

Journalists need to take advantage of the vast array of information that the U.S. gov’t is already making available. That was the message Vivek Kundra, the first federal Chief Information Officer in the Obama administration, brought to the Online News Association conference in Boston this morning. On, there is information on a huge range of government activity but there […]

Schiller: 7 reasons for optimism about journalism

I’m in Austin, TX for the 2011 International Symposium on Online Journalism. Former NPR exec Vivian Schiller gave the keynote address this morning, She cited seven reasons for optimism in journalism today: 1) “Conditions are favorable for online paywalls.” The New York Times launched its metered access strategy this week, betting that loyal readers will […]

Creating ‘spreadable’ news content

The Neiman Lab’s interview with Henry Jenkins’ on the subject of “spreadable media” is a must-read. Jenkins, a journalism and cinematic arts professor at the University of Southern California, makes a blunt statement about the relevance of news in the social media age: “If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.” Obvious? Perhaps. His point is that news […]

CBC updates its journalistic standards guide

CBC provided a much-needed update to its Journalistic Standards and Practices guide Wednesday. The document includes a section on social media use for the first time, making the point that, for information-gathering, “we apply the same standards as those for any other source of newsgathering.” There are two elements worth noting: It sets out a standard for […]

How to mix the personal & professional?

I sit on the Social Media Panel of the Canadian Association of Journalists Ethics Committee. And we’re looking for comments on an issue I’ve been thinking a lot about … If you’re a journalist over 35, an employer likely told you not to post campaign signs on your lawn, attend public rallies or sport bumper […]