Guardian plans to expand open data tools

Guardian’s Chris Thorpe: We can ‘heal the world’ with open data

Stronger communities, better comments

The Halifax Chronicle Herald signalled today it’s going to beef up its commenting system to improve the level of discourse on its site. Good to hear. Much of what passes for comment on news websites continues to be the lowest possible level of name-calling and uninformed bravado. The Herald’s director of news content Dan Leger […]

Tips for live blogging

The Halifax Chronicle Herald has joined a growing number of news organizations that are live blogging events to break news quickly and build engagement around them. It live blogged 8 events this past summer during Nova Scotia’s provincial election. Seven were political events — party platform releases or debates — the other was a discussion […]

Google Fast Flip built for mobile

So this is it. In April, Sharon Waxman reported a conversation with Google CEO Eric Schmidt in which he told her: “In about six months, the company will roll out a system that will bring high-quality news content to users without them actively looking for it” … one in which users “will be automatically served […]

Google’s crowdsourced traffic reports will hurt radio

“It’s stop and go on the bridge.” “Watch out for that deer on the 102.” The voices are a staple of local radio — listeners calling in to report traffic conditions. On-air updates build audiences, involve listeners and bring advertisers to morning and afternoon shows. But Google believes it can deliver traffic reports faster and […]