Corrections guidelines for news organizations

The Canadian Association of Journalists Ethics Committee has released a set of guidelines for updating and correcting information published online.  Kathy English at the Toronto Star and Craig Silverman were the primary authors. I was a minor voice on the committee. This is the first comprehensive statement on best practices that we know of. Craig Silverman in particular has argued […]

Anatomy of a bad tweet

I’ve been conflicted all day about a news story I tweeted yesterday. It concerns the strange condition that afflicted Los Angeles CBS reporter Serene Branson. Here it is: The problem is, Branson may not have had a stroke at all. A Globe and Mail story later Monday suggested that Branson had not been hospitalized — […]

T-J debacle: Opportunity to improve corrections policy

The firing of the Telegraph-Journal’s editor today and the departure of its publisher is truly astonishing news. Shakeups such as this don’t happen often — especially when they are related to publication of a single story. (That said, the T-J, under editor Shawna Richer, made a number of questionable moves in recent months.) The New […]

Copyediting 2.0

The Washington Post’s ombudsman, Andrew Alexander, reported yesterday that readers are getting increasingly upset over the number of typos, formatting mistakes and grammatical errors in news stories. He cites, for example, references to a “Democratically” (instead of Democrat-) controlled Congress and the Marine “Corp” (instead of Corps). Alexander blames the Post’s layoff of copy editors […]