Corrections guidelines for news organizations

The Canadian Association of Journalists Ethics Committee has released a set of guidelines for updating and correcting information published online.  Kathy English at the Toronto Star and Craig Silverman were the primary authors. I was a minor voice on the committee. This is the first comprehensive statement on best practices that we know of. Craig Silverman in particular has argued […]

CBC updates its journalistic standards guide

CBC provided a much-needed update to its Journalistic Standards and Practices guide Wednesday. The document includes a section on social media use for the first time, making the point that, for information-gathering, “we apply the same standards as those for any other source of newsgathering.” There are two elements worth noting: It sets out a standard for […]

How to mix the personal & professional?

I sit on the Social Media Panel of the Canadian Association of Journalists Ethics Committee. And we’re looking for comments on an issue I’ve been thinking a lot about … If you’re a journalist over 35, an employer likely told you not to post campaign signs on your lawn, attend public rallies or sport bumper […]

Retweet or retreat?

The CAJ is examining the ethics of journalists forwarding information they haven’t verified.