Bigger role for authors in articles, search

Which is the more important aspect of a story — the article headline or the byline? The answer would have been a easy a few years ago: the headline, of course. It’s the link people click on and the words they search for. But as social media becomes more integrated with content, the author is becoming […]

Twitter referrals difficult to count

I’ve started playing with Storify recently. It’s a nicely constructed tool for building a narrative out of social media conversations. This Storify combines conversations among three journos as they dissect a conclusion on Twitter’s influence contained in the May 9, 2011 Pew Center report on online news use: [View the story “Twitter users dissect Pew […]

Creating ‘spreadable’ news content

The Neiman Lab’s interview with Henry Jenkins’ on the subject of “spreadable media” is a must-read. Jenkins, a journalism and cinematic arts professor at the University of Southern California, makes a blunt statement about the relevance of news in the social media age: “If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.” Obvious? Perhaps. His point is that news […]