Copyediting 2.0

The Washington Post’s ombudsman, Andrew Alexander, reported yesterday that readers are getting increasingly upset over the number of typos, formatting mistakes and grammatical errors in news stories. He cites, for example, references to a “Democratically” (instead of Democrat-) controlled Congress and the Marine “Corp” (instead of Corps). Alexander blames the Post’s layoff of copy editors […]

Apparent plagiarism in Anderson book Free

I don’t see the irony that others see in the revelation that Wired editor Chris Anderson has seemingly lifted vast swaths of content from Wikipedia (and other sources) for his new book Free. Anderson has been a vocal proponent of open-source content. In fact, he argues that a new economy is emerging — one based […]

Lessons in the Guardian’s crowdsourcing site

If anyone needed evidence of the value of a competitive news industry, the Guardian provided it last week. Its rival the Telegraph had uncovered the biggest British political scandal in decades by revealing widespread abuses in MPs’ expense claims. But the Guardian took the investigation to a new level last Thursday. The British newspaper media […]